Nightnography® ⸺ my bona fide.  
​​​​​​​ I am a Romanian-British nightnographer trained as social anthropologist at Central European University. Currently, I am a MSCA Fellow associated with ISS21, University College Cork, Ireland. 
I set up the Nightworkshop project to research nightwork in cities, and I campaign for the rights of nightworkers ⸺ read the Nightworker Charter, and if you agree, sign it to show your solidarity with nightworkers. YOU can help change their fate!
As a nightnographer and migration scholar, for the past decade I reached out to migrant nightshift workers working around the clock in European cities, because I have a growing concern about their invisibility from public debates, political agendas, and scholarly fields.
Research Interests: Nightwork, nighttime economy, decent work agenda, international migration, social justice policies, multi-sited and multi-modal nightnography, producing films and podcasts applied to research and teaching on migration and labour dynamics.
Countries: Europe (Ireland, Romania, U.K.).
Do get in touch, if you find that your research interests resonate with what you find on this website. The lotus is in the mud!
In power with nightworkers!
Dr. Julius-Cezar MacQuarie ⸺ No mud, no lotus!
Thank you! Be in touch soon.
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